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Contemporary Real Oak and Solid Wood Furniture

It doesn't matter if you live in a snug studio flat in the city centre, a spacious house in the country or something in between, your home is your castle - a place to be proud of and where you can relax at the end of a hard day.

Whether you're furnishing a new home, looking to upgrade your decor or simply want to add a beautiful new piece to your interior, solid wood furniture is a wonderful addition to your residence.

Here at Abode Direct, we offer a stunning collection of wooden furniture for every room of the house. All items have been carefully chosen for their superb quality and great value - so you can rest assured you're getting a lovely new piece of oak furniture, without paying over the odds.

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Why choose solid oak?

Oak has been a favourite timber choice for furniture makers and decorators for hundreds of years and it's easy to see why.

This elegant material has a timeless appeal, so you never have to worry about the item going out of style. With its warm natural colour and attractive grain it coordinates well with both contemporary and traditional design schemes. Or you could select painted oak furniture for a fresh, clean look.

What's more, if it's carefully maintained, real oak furniture can last for a very long time. Indeed, many heritage properties are furnished with oak pieces that were made more than 300 years ago - and they still look fantastic today. This means that when you buy a piece of solid wood furniture, you're actually investing in a high-quality product that could remain in your family for many years.

Solid oak is a hardwood and contains natural elements that make it resistant to fungi and insects, so it's less likely to deteriorate over time, compared to other wood materials.

In addition, furnishings made from oak are extremely durable and can easily withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Even if the surface gets scratched or scraped, you can simply sand it down and refinish it - and the item will look as good as new.

How to furnish a room

When selecting your furniture, it's important to consider the way you plan to use each room and how much space is available, so be sure to take accurate measurements and try to visualise how each item will look in its specified location.

Of course, you'll also need to think about the type of furniture required for each room.

Solid oak bedroom furniture includes a wide range of beds as well as matching storage furniture like bedside tables, blanket boxes, wardrobes and dressing tables.

Alternatively, if you're looking for solid oak dining room furniture, you'll want a dining table and co-ordinating chairs. Complementary sideboards and cupboards can also provide the finishing touch.

Side tables, television stands, sofas and arm chairs are also available, perfect for creating a comfortable and inviting living room or lounge. Or you could set up a practical home office with a lovely oak desk and matching bookcases and cabinets.

Shop online with Abode Direct

Buying real oak furniture online is easy with help from Abode Direct. Simply browse through our collection to find the items you love. There's loads of information about each item, so you can be sure the one you choose will suit its surroundings perfectly.

Purchases are processed through our secure payment system and we offer free delivery on UK orders over £450. You can also get in touch if you have any questions - our team will be happy to help you out.